AWS Nationwide chooses Southampton Hospitals Charity’s Piam Brown Ward Fund as its charity partner f


The Gosport based provider of tools, equipment, plant hire and waste services, AWS Nationwide, has announced that it will support Southampton Hospitals Charity’s Piam Brown Ward Fund as its charity partner throughout 2023.

Piam Brown Ward, which is based out of Southampton General Hospital, is an oncology and haematology centre caring for children from birth to 16 years old. As a regional centre, it treats children and adolescents with cancer and haematological disorders and relies heavily on donations.

To ensure its charity effort is fully supported by the AWS team, the process for selecting the company’s charity partner was opened up to colleagues who put forward nominations and helped agree on which partner to work with. Southampton Hospitals Charity’s Piam Brown Ward was selected with many employees expressing that it was a charity they felt strongly about supporting.

Following the pandemic, AWS’s fundraising efforts re-started last year with funds being distributed to multiple charities. It was felt however that having a single partner in 2023 would provide a local charity with a greater benefit and enable the efforts of AWS’s employees to have more of an impact.


Paul Smith, Managing Director at AWS Nationwide said:

Selecting a charity that is based in our local community, but also closely affiliated with our colleagues was important to me and that is why we wanted them to be involved in selecting who to support. We plan to ramp up fundraising activity as it not only gives a positive boost to a charity but also benefits our team spirit. I look forward to working with Piam Brown Ward and doing what we can to support their charity and make a positive difference.

Piam Brown

Rachel Funnell, Charity Coordinator at Piam Brown Ward said:

We are all so very grateful to AWS Nationwide for selecting PB as your charity of the year.  The donations we receive make such a difference to the brave young patients in our care, and their families.  The charity fund provides equipment and facilities which are out of reach for the NHS as well as organising motivational and memory making family outings.  We very much look forward to working with you through 2023