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When a broom just won't do

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Every day, it seems like more and more waste appears on our streets. Litter, discarded chewing gum and dropped food are all major contributors to the often shabby look of cities, towns and even individual properties. With more people walking down our high streets than ever before, it really isn't surprising that many local authorities and councils are unable to keep up. Add to your quote

The sweeping of flat surfaces, including interiors of larger buildings and shopping centres.

The sweeping of roads, pedestrian walkways and car parks.

Hot washing services, which are an extremely effective way of removing grime from large areas of road or other surfaces.

Removal of graffiti and bird fouling through effective and safe hot washing.

Our services can lift and remove chewing gum from the floor – one of the general public’s greatest annoyances.

Our equipment is also quite capable of removing weeds from a variety of surfaces.

Here at Advanced Waste Solutions, we can provide a wide range of street cleaning solutions to keep your local area looking clean and trustworthy. If you’re looking for road sweeper hire, then you needn’t look any further than our services.

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