Work Gate Barrier (Red or Yellow)

Your ultimate solution for safety and control in work zones.

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Designed to stand out with its vibrant red hue, this barrier is more than just a visual aid – it's a robust guardian for your work sites. With its durable build and highly visible presence, it ensures maximum safety for workers and vehicles, effectively demarcating restricted areas while streamlining traffic flow. Trust the Red Work Gate Barrier to enhance safety protocols and fortify your work zone with its reliability and unmistakable visibility. The WorkGate is a sturdy and reliable barricade designed specifically for contractors. It is available in both 4 or 3 gate versions, providing maximum flexibility for different environments and needs. Each gate is available in two different heights, either 750mm or 1000mm, allowing for customization to meet different requirements. This barricade comes in two different colours - Red or Yellow - allowing for clear visibility of the barrier. The reflective panel is fully reflective and compliant with certain requirements, making it easy to spot in low-light conditions. Add to your quote


Colours Height
Trench Cover Red or Yellow 750mm or 1000mm

This barricade can be linked together to form a square, triangle, or single line, making it practical for most uses and environments. It is also recyclable and contains no metal parts, making it ideal for working in electrical environments and easy to recycle.

The Work Gate has locating holes that enable courtesy or pedestrian signs to be fitted temporarily, making it easy to provide additional information to the public. With all these features, the Work Gate is the ideal barricade for contractors working in any environment.

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