Plastic Free July

What did we do?


Now a recognised annual tradition, #PlasticFreeJuly, started by the Plastic Free Foundation in Australia, has become a global movement that releases new ideas daily on ways to reduce plastic usage with simple swaps to everyday life.

This year, AWS Nationwide members have got involved by finding new ways to reduce plastic consumption, both in the office and at home. One of our core missions here at AWS Nationwide is to reduce the impact of our operations by evolving the way we conduct our business, which is why we feel so passionately about the world’s plastic consumption.

With our team being so passionate about the subject, it meant getting everyone involved was easy. There is no better way to motivate people to care about the global plastic crisis than to practice what we preach.

So, here are some ways that we got stuck in and made small changes to help make July, plastic free.

What did we do?


One colleague and her dog Elsa got involved by swapping regular dog treats from the supermarket with 100% natural and paper packaged treats from her local market. This not only removes unnecessary plastic from supermarket treats but can often be better for your dog’s health. Elsa looks very happy with the swap – delicious treats that make a difference!

Soap 1

Another colleague also made an easy swap from bottled soap to bars. Not only does this get rid of the need for plastic bottles (this one is even wrapped in paper instead!), but it can also save space in your cupboard! Sustainable and practical!

Laundry egg 1

Sustainability is becoming more and more widespread, with innovation creating incredible new sustainable products, just like this Eco Egg. This can replace both laundry detergent and fabric conditioner, lasting up to 70 washes!

FIrelighters 1

Often, reducing plastic doesn’t mean you need to change what you buy – it can just be using what you already have. One colleague made her own firelighters, using the fluff from the tumble dryer filter. A great way to use up a material that would otherwise be thrown away, and we have heard it’s very effective too!

Newspaper 1

Another way to use what you’ve got is to replace food waste bin liners with newspaper. Not only is this sustainable, but it also saves money on buying the bags! Recycling food waste is a great step, and this just makes it that extra bit better.

Water bottles 1

To remove the need for plastic cups, the AWS Nationwide team have been provided with water bottles that can be reused time and time again.

These are just a few ways our team got stuck into Plastic Free July, but there plenty of creative ways you can reduce plastic consumption, To discover more about #PlasticFreeJuly and more ways to make a change (not just this July but all year round!) visit