BraceBlok™ is a revolutionary ballast block designed specifically for use on temporary fencing systems.

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Our unique design was brought to the industry as a solution for dangerous and unreliable ballast being used on temporary fencing such as bags of sand (can easily split and lose weight), concrete slabs (trip hazard and can break easily), additional fence feet (trip hazard) amongst other makeshift solutions. Brightly coloured in yellow, BraceBloks™ are easily visible and therefore ensure minimal risk of trips. Add to your quote


Height (mm) Width (mm)
Measurements 300mm 580mm

The units can be stacked multiple times, adding more weight and stability to a temporary fencing to suit the project or environment. We recommend stacking BraceBloks™ no more than 4 units high, which adds a whopping 200kg of weight per pair of temporary fencing panels. The BraceBlok™ is ideal to be used with our temporary fence bracing systems.

BraceBloks™ are concrete-filled and plastic-coated to provide 50kg of additional weight per unit with minimal risk of breakage, ensuring that ballast weight isn’t lost through cracks and chips (unlike concrete alternatives).

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