SoloBlok™ is our exclusive 20kg ballast block designed to add weight and support to temporary fencing.

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20kg Recycled Plastic Ballast for Temporary Site Fencing A close relative to our other temporary fencing ballast block, BraceBlok™, the SoloBlok™ was designed to be installed quickly and safely by one person, adhering to health and safety manual handling rules. No lifting tool is necessary for the SoloBloks™ as they can be safely lifted and installed by hand by one person. Add to your quote


Height (mm) Width (mm)
Measurements 210mm 520mm

We recommend that the robust blocks be stacked no more than 4 units high, which would add 80kg of additional ballast per pair of temporary fencing panels. The SoloBlok™ is ideal for use with our temporary fence bracing systems.

Much like standard fence feet, the SoloBlok™ is manufactured from 100% recycled plastics making it a highly sustainable product which can also be recycled in it’s entirety at end-of-life.

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