Stillages for Industry Standard Sized Temporary Site Fencing

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Looking for top-tier stillages to streamline your onsite site fencing? Our industry-leading stillages are designed for excellence, giving your site a robust and efficient way to manage and transport fencing materials. Temporary Fencing Stillages are designed to provide effective stacking, storage and easy transportation of industry-standard sized temporary mesh fencing panels (3.5m x 2m) around site. The self-coloured steel structure features integral fork pockets which allow easy transportation of fencing panels via forklift. Add to your quote


Height (mm) Width (mm)
Measurements 1120mm 1955mm

Our stillages are a cost-efficient solution for managing and transporting temporary site fencing, helping you make the most of your budget.

They are suitable products for various industries and project sizes, offering versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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