Support brace

Designed to enhance stability of a temporary fencing line on your site.

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The Temporary Fencing Support Brace is a 1.9m (H) strut that is designed to enhance the stability of a temporary fencing line, usually on soft-ground surfaces. It arrives with 2 ground pegs that can be used to secure into the ground through the holes in the base plate. To connect the brace to the temporary fencing panel, you will need a temporary fencing coupler (not included). Add to your quote


Height (mm) Width (mm)
Measurements 1880mm 370mm

It is advisable to brace the fencing at least once per 3 temporary fencing panels with support braces.

At AWS Nationwide, we find that support braces for site fencing tend to be used in Construction, Infrastructure, and event-based projects. However, these are available for

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